Invisible Screen Guard - Ultrathin Tempered Glass Screen Cover - for iPhone 6


Invisible Screen Guard - Ultrathin Tempered Glass Screen Protector - for iPhone 6 



Impact Resistant
Prevents Screen from
Cracking or Chopping
with 9H Glass

Shock/Scratch Proof
Shock & Scratch-proof
strong 9H Glass
High Definition
Optical Grade: clear,
natural view. precise
screen quality
Resists fingerprints

Impact Resistant
Prevents Screen from
Cracking or Chopping
with 9H Glass

Designed to protect your device’s screen against impact, scratches, dust
and fingerprint smudges. Manufactured from a high quality chemically
treated glass, the screen protectors are lightweight, thin but most
importantly, extremely protective. A specially coated adhesive means
the screen protector is perfectly fitted to your mobile device, ensuring
that the clarity and sensitivity of your touch screen are not reduced.

Surface Hardness
The 9H+ hardness can effectively protect your screen from scratches
and extreme shocks. 0.33mm Glass, 2.5D Rounded Corners. Light.

Anti-Shatter Film
When broken, tempered glass breaks into small dull pieces that are
not sharp or harmful for your health, thus the safety levels are higher.

Oleophohic Coating:
The Oleophobic coating on the film provides a resistance against
fingerprint smudges and other debris, while the shatterproof design
prevents any damage or injuries from broken pieces

Easy Installation
Easy to apply, the screen protector can be installed with minimal fuss
and eliminates the problem of air bubbles usually found with traditional
screen protectors.

Premium Tempered Glass Testing Standard
Ultra slim, and designed to be 91 % transparent, the Screen protector
maintains both touch sensitivity of your device and optical clarity of the
high resolution display.

With a 8-9H surface hardness, these screen protectors are designed to
absorb impact damage and keep your screen scratch free offering almost
triple the amount of protection that a standard screen protector would

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