DigiWeigh TY-400 Digital Kitchen Scale - 5000g | 5kh | 11lbs scale


Precision:0.1 oz
Capacity:5000 Grams | 5kg | 11 lbs
Modes:Gram, Ounce
Power Options:2 AAA Batteries
Accesories:Weighing Bowl
Warranty:1 Year

Professional Weighing

This digital pocket scale was specifically created for the professional user. This kitchen scale not only includes damage preventive technology, but also offers a weighing capacity 5000grams, precision accuracy 0.1 ounce, hard cover weighing platform bowl, auto calibration.

Damage Prevention

The importance of owning a digital scale is keeping it safe from damage, for a broken scale is a worthless scale! What makes this scale stand out is that it comes with a hard cover plastic case, and a retractable face plate, this will prevent your weighing platform from damage whether it’s in your pocket or any other confined area (as seen in the pictures above).

Weighing Feature

The scales weighing feature allow you to weigh your items in 2 different modes. What this means is that you can weight your items in Gram and Ounce. A must feature for any professional kitchen scale!

Tare & Auto-Calibration

The tare feature allows you to place a tray or bowl, zero out that tray, and then place the object you wish. This feature will allow you to get the exact weight of the object you are weighing without having to weigh the tray/bowl first and then adding the object and calculating the weight. The Auto-Calibration feature will allow the user to re-calibrate the scale simply by placing the proper weight on to the scale, this feature is a must for any professional user.

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